My crazy Thursday

My weird Thursday night in LA
So I woke up somewhere I didn’t expect this morning and little did I realize that was just the beginning of a typically crazy LA day for me. After finally getting motivated to get out of bed and having some breakfast around brunch time, I gathered my stuff and finally left in the afternoon and headed out to either check out the taping of American Gladiators since three of my friends are on the new show (Jamie Reed, Beth Horn and Tanji Johnson). Well, I heard it took forever during the tapings and I wasn’t feeling particularly motivated so I decided instead to check out the Museum of Jurassic Technology which I had heard about sometime before and always wanted to check out.

Well, after arriving I realized that it’s really quite huge inside and packed with amazing exhibits. They range from the educational to the bizarre – some are real and some are absurd, but they are almost all enjoyable. You have to really give yourself time here and if you are not 100% sober, you can literally get lost inside (as I did when I realized I needed to leave to meet my dinner date).

So needless to say, I was disappointed that I had to jet without the full experience, but the good news is that I’ve got a good reason to come back!

Well, dinner was with my friend Kristy Hawkins who is actually the 2007 NPC Women’s Bodybuilding National Champion. She won the national title about two weeks ago so was still looking fantastic. We got a wild hair and decided to go to Red Lobster of all places. That’s the crayon coloring image on the strip at left where she got to draw her own trophy which of course was a female bodybuilder.

After dinner we kicked it for a bit, and I decided to go grab a drink and headed to a place called Little Cave. I hadn’t been there before but it sounded pretty cool and it was (see my Yelp review here). After three or four pints there, I recalled that Mr. T’s Bowl was somewhat nearby.

Being a fan of Mr. T and having won my sole athletic trophy in bowling it seemed like the perfect fit.

Well, upon arrival I wandered into the bar area and was greeted by Paulina. She’s been bartending there quite a while and she was very hospitable in finding me an alternative to my original choice of a shot of Fernet (which seems to only be in bars in San Francisco). After letting me taste some Blavod (black vodka) we decided upon some Jameson. Her pours were heavy, and the next thing I knew, I was bombed. I do recall a gigantic whisky ginger too but that’s about it. I will have to say that that may now be my favorite drink, even though I felt a bit banged up the next morning…