Bigger, Stronger, Faster review

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So today I finally got to check out “Bigger, Stronger, Faster” which I’ve had an interest in since a few friends are in it and since I do a lot of work in the fitness and bodybuilding industry, is somewhat related to my work.  The documentary is really well done and gives a very balanced view on the issue of steroid use and especially why people may use them and the implications within America and the American way of life.

The first screen grab above is of my friend Brenda “B” Smith talking about gear and her daughter Aubrey is there too.   Some of the more interesting parts of the film included the screen grab below talking about the evolution of the action figure in America and how muscular the current ones are compared to those in the past.  I remember my first Han Solo was skinny and normal looking like the real Harrison Ford, but the new ones I saw were all buffed out – WTF?!

action figures in

Another enlightening moment was related to the Olympics and specifically the 1988 Seoul Olympics and Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis.  Everyone knows or has probably heard about Johnson being stripped of his gold medal due to failing a doping test, but what I didn’t know was that Carl Lewis failed some USOC doping tests for banned substances and they show a letter he received from the USOC ejecting him from the Olympic Team for the 1988 Olympics.  Of course we all know he was there so you can take from that what you will.  I’m not surprised that our country would let him go, since we as a society seem to value winning more than ethics in so many parts of our culture.

It was also cool to see the Belgian Blue cow walking around like some Mr Olympia of cows (Ms Olympia I guess?)  I try to eat organic meat, but it sure did look tasty!

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