Sat Feb 6, 2010: In-n-Out Burger #3 – genex style (correctly made)

It was a long break but my third In-n-Out meal was at the Millbrae outlet and I ate this one in the car on US 101 South. I also noticed that the way the cashiers ring in my “genex style” Double Doubles varies quite a bit so I’ll be including receipt shots moving forward.  Luckily all of them this year have been prepared correctly.  In the past I seemed to have a 40% hit ratio

During the drive, I was riding with my friend Mary and we were talking about the drama from a few years back when In-n-Out heiress Lynsi Martinez was feuding was her grandmother (and founder of In-n-Out) Esther Synder.  We googled her and found some more info on her on her Wikipedia page and realized she’s now the company’s sixth president.

Receipt image: