Tue Feb 9, 2010: In-n-Out Burger #5 – genex style (correctly made)

In-n-Out Burger #5 – genex style (correctly made)

A rare cheeseburger but I had anticipated coming to this In-n-Out both on my trip down as well as on my way back.  The Daly City In-n-Out was on my way down to Sand Hill Road for a shoot so I thought, a little cheeseburger will be perfect in the late afternoon and then another cheeseburger (or double double) would be perfect along with a shake after the shoot.  Well it turns out we had double booked photographers for the shoot so I let Myleen take the shoot and I just turned around and instead made a pitstop at Target and didn’t make my return visit to In-n-Out but it was probably just as well.