In-n-Out Burger book by Stacy Perman

in-n-out burger secret menu bookI didn’t realize that In-n-Out had a book written about them so now I gotta check it out.  I figured this out because I was all excited to see the In-n-Out documentary on KQED tonight but missed it.  So frantically searching the interwebz to see if any kind soul would have Ustreamed their live TV while they watched it, I came across this video of author Stacy Perman at a book signing in Napa at Books Inc.

Among the factoids she mentions that must be in the book are:

– Julia Child kept a list of where all the In-n-Outs were between her place in Santa Barbara and LA.

– When Per Se opened, self-professed In-n-Out fan and super Chef Thomas Keller got 300 In-n-Out Burgers for his staff.

Once I read it I’ll post a review or if you are more impatient than I, you can order it online!

Oh and on the Five Guys vs. In-n-Out?  No contest – In-n-Out kicks Five Guys’ ass.   Head to head like the Lightning Burger, I’ll take my Double Double any day 🙂