Sun Aug 29, 2010: In-N-Out Burger #41 – Double Double Zach style (correctly made) – San Francisco, CA

Sun Aug 292, 2010: In-N-Out Burger #41 – Double Double zach style* (correctly made) – San Francisco, CA
See that green bit at the bottom right of the burger bite? Yep that’s one of the chillies that In-n-Out let’s you add.  I had considered trying a Double Double with chillies before but never actually added them until I made my order at the Fisherman’s Wharf In-n-Out Burger last night.

I ordered my own ‘genex style’ Double Double [genex style = animal style, no pickles, but with raw onions], and the associate whom I was ordering from, Zach MC, asked if I liked spicy.  Of course I do so I answered in the affirmative and he said, he orders his burger just like mine, but with sliced chilies.  Now I’m spelling chilies this way b/c that’s the way he spelled it out on the receipt.  Regardless, I asked if there was a secret menu name for that style of burger and he said no, so we agree to call it “Zach” style so hence this is the first mention of it.

Ask for it by name and since the associate you order from won’t understand, just explain what it contains.  If you use Foodspotting, here’s a link to it for the Fisherman’s Wharf In-n-Out Burger