Flaming Lips + Impossible Project film + beer = my housewarming

After well over a year of being in my place I finally had a housewarming party and it turned out pretty nicely thanks to all my cool friends.  I socialize with a lot of different types of people so it was nice to mash them up together and see how things played out.  I had four film cameras lying around for people to use to take photos with – wait five, actually – so I let people take pix during the evening.  Two film cameras (Yashica Mat 124G and Olympus OM-2S Program) were probably used the least, but the three Polaroids were a hit.  I had Impossible Project PX600 in one body, and PX70 Color Shade in one of the SX-70s.  The other SX-70 actually had that in it too, come to think of it.

Myleen came up with the great idea for us to try and do The Flaming Lips’  Two Blobs Fucking through 12 iPhones all synced to start at the same time and we tried it out.  This slideshow I made includes audio recorded of our attempt, coupled with photos folks took at the party.  Most are scans of the Polaroids, but a few iPhone pix are mixed in there too.  I think it works best full screen and with headphones…

One of the best things about the evening was seeing everyone but the beer was a close second.  My friend @a brought several beers for us to enjoy including a nice session beer that probably saved me from a hangover.  I also was gifted some ice cream, Templeton Rye, and lots of other treats – many of which were consumed that evening.  Good times and I’m thankful for such awesome friends!