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The Crash

crash view from Jack

So today I got hit by a car in the morning on my way to get a chocolate croissant at Mission Beach Cafe.  I was waiting at the corner to cross, when I heard that eerily familiar sound of screeching car wheels skidding.  Just like in the movies, the pause between that and the impact to the other car, seemed like a long, drawn out moment; but then it hit and suddenly my legs were being pulled under a black bumper and my phone popped up in the air.  If you’ve seen Vincent Laforet’s 600fps Famous Footwear “Neighborhood” commercial, then you can imagine the speed at which I saw that front end while  I was realizing that I was getting run over by a car.

Then Maya’s Volvo stops… crashing into the electrical (phone?) pole at the corner and I fly forwards.  I actually sorta glide off the hood from the instant stop of the car, (but not of me) and land on my ass/back on the ground.  Slightly stunned, I somehow had caught my phone at the same time it hit the ground (not sure how) and it only suffered a slight chip.  My shoe, however was thrashed, and I wasn’t sure what the white part of me that was showing through was – I was pretty sure not bone though – sweet!

People seemed to appear out of a lot of places quite quickly, including one of those neighborhood folks you see walking down your street and recognize but don’t actually know.  Two folks from Box Dog Bikes came over and offered help and were super friendly.  Then I look back up at the sky and Maya shouts something like “OMG Gene, it’s you”  and I am thinking that it’s nice to see her. Continue reading The Crash

My Little Sister!

I’m proud of my sis as she got published again this time in the Journal of Immunology in the current November 1, 2007 issue. Unfortunately with my unscientific mind I can’t really read it and make much sense of it, but you can check out the abstract and get more detail on their website.