San Francisco’s Best Burger?

Spruce burger review

Do you like burgers?  I love ’em so when we saw that 7×7 Magazine had done their top twenty burgers in San Francisco, we decided to try out their top ten and do our own evaluation.  Now, these are more the cloth-napkin type of establishments where the top ten were chosen from so my dining companions @a and @sfgirl went through them together and we have arrived at our final judgments.

If you are interested in my general favorite burger list (which as of this posting has not been updated to reflect these last ten burgers, check it out here.  That’ll give you an idea for the types of burgers I like (Pearl’s, In-n-Out, Bullshead, Zeitgeist for example)  so you can determine whether my reviews of these other higher-end burgers is relevant to your tastes.

Best Burgers in San Francisco (based on 7×7’s reviews*):
1) Bix
2) Spork
3 tie) Mission Beach Cafe, Fish and Farm, NOPA
6 tie) Namu & Spruce (shown above)
8 ) Zuni Cafe
9) Orson
10) Serpentine

And this list posted on Yelp is here (where you can read in more detail about each of the dining experiences).

* we substituted Orson for Acme Chophouse, since Acme no longer exists.  Why not Slow Club?  Well, we had all already eaten there before so we chose Orson b/c of the many high ratings it’s gotten like from Michael Bauer, the Chronicle’s food writer.