Sat July 31, 2010: In-N-Out Burger #37 – Double Double genex style (correctly made)– Las Vegas, NV

Well, due to a sync error on my iPhone I lost the actual photos of the receipt and burger but had posted this one shot to twitter before so this will be the ‘evidence’ of my 37th In-n-Out burger which was in Las Vegas.  Since it was just after prejudging at the 2010 NPC USAs, Gail Auerbach, a female bodybuilder that I know also made it over to this In-n-Out which was just a couple blocks away from the venue where the competition was happening.  This trip was also Steve Schibelli’s first trip to an In-n-Out and so it was Steve, myself, James Cook and Annie Rivieccio chomping on burgers.  Gail just came in and ordered and hung out with us while she ordered before she was on her way!