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2009 shot a day project – is this smart? well I did it in 2001…

Boys will be boys…

boys will be boys

I thought this was a funny scene since I was photographing workers and trying to get action shots of them when this situation happened.  Basically I was camped up on a balcony and getting shots of the folks bringing in tables when I noticed the one  of the guys in the trucks head slowly panning.  I looked and noticed there was a woman walking by and at that point snapped this shot.  The guy in the truck was by now leaning out of the back of the truck and you can see the woman walking away (she did look pretty cute!).  [click on the image to see the full-sized version for a better close up]

Telling a story… What is she waiting for?

Lori Steele

Usually at the bodybuilding shows I cover, I have to shoot a certain way which is my standard style but adapted to physique photography.  However, I’ve been wanting to do a little more when I have time to shoot something a bit more conceptual and since I’ve worked a lot with Lori we decided to try something a bit different.  I still was shooting with deadlines and time limitations but I wanted to have this sort of mysteriously muscular woman theme for this part of the shoot.  Not sure if it works, but I kinda like it…

Kids rock

magnifying glass boyThis kid was awesome.  He was attending a cocktail/birthday party I was at tonight and was totally having a blast with the magnifying glass.  I think kids enjoy this feeling of being high by just doing weird things like seeing how the world looks when distorted….